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The Journey begins......

(Industrial Revolution: spinning cloth [Photograph]. Britannica Online for Kids. Retrieved 19 December 2015, from http://kids.britannica.com/elementary/art-89927)

 Long, long ago in a far distant age, humans lived sustainable lives, there were no choices back then and they had to make the best of what they had available to them and use what limited resources and skill sets they could. Natural fibres like wool and hemp were used to produce their clothing and were hand spun, weaved into cloth and hand sewn, they even ethically repaired, upcycled and recycled their garments.

Eventually due to travel new fibres such as cotton and silk were discovered and brought back to use in clothing, then came the industrial revolution with machines being invented to better produce fabrics and garments in a increasingly evolving fashion industry which was largely due to status and media, but along with this new era came child labour, poor working conditions, no health and safety guidelines, pollution and chemicals. (see Picture reference below)

Today in a modern ,technological age, everything is mass produce with machines and chemicals, humans ravage the earth,  almost exhausting all the resources and now there is a huge problem facing the future of this planet and mankind (see appendices film reference 'David Attenborough' 'The Truth About Climate Change'). Through greed, naivety and negligence, humans now face the problems of copious amounts of food waste, damaging fossil fuels, endangered species, water shortages, overfished and damaged seas, overbuilt lands and deforestation, clothing landfills, chemically polluted waterways, mass poverty .......... the list is endless.

In a recent survey (see Research for survey results) it was discovered that while most people are aware of Global warming and Climate change, they are still naiave when it comes to sustainability in Fashion, many recycle their clothing by taking them to charity shops maybe feeling they have done their bit.

How do humans begin to repair the damage they have done and how to educate people to shop ethically for their clothing ?

An interesting film most recently called 'Why We Need a Fashion Revolution' put together by the Fashion Revolution Organisation (see Research for film reference) reassures those who want to see changes, that important people are actively fighting to bring these issues into the public eye.

Known celebrities and designers also join the campaign like Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Katherine Hammnett and Lily Cole (see appendices for film reference 'Wired 2012').

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