Australian Sarah Ferguson uncovers the Bangladeshi Factory Secrets

Sarah highlights companies like Benetton, Zara, Forever 21, Walmart, Mango, Coles, K-Mart, Big W, and many unethical companies and some I am familiar with from living in Australia, I am shocked.

Undercover filming and exposure of unscrupulous suppliers

Watched this and just speechless , but not surprised to be honest.

Recycled plastic


''Ecoalf sees opportunity in waste. Based in Madrid, the urban-minimalist apparel brand—think Uniqlo for the conscious set—has recycled everything from decommissioned fishing nets, post-consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, cotton waste, and even discarded coffee grounds into city-slicking jackets, shoes, and bags. Turns out, that was only the beginning. Since September, a fleet of 160 fishing vessels have been trawling the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Levante in Spain. Their strange catch? Plastic waste, which Ecoalf plans to recycle into pellets, thread, fabrics, and eventually clothing. Together with its waste-reclamation partners, Ecoalf says it hopes to create high-quality filaments that boast up to 100 percent recycled content. “Ecoalf is all about not using natural resources,” Javier Goyeneche, the company’shttp founder and CEO, told Ecouterre.''

( 14th Dec 2015)

Meateaters be warned ......

probably the fact that this guy exposes so many flaws in so called organisations and government corruption makes this a real eye opener of a film, definitely makes you think very seriously about what you eat.


....Change comes with More Coverage, More Voices and More Fashion Revolution.

Interesting article

Women like Radha Kunwar who are Para-Legal Committee members are helping rescue women suffering from violence in their communities. Picture: Malcolm Hood/DFID Nepal


''UK aid support provides help for poor and socially marginalised women in rural communities''

''Although physically challenged, 37-year-old Radha Kunwar is an active community leader. Being of short stature, she faced tremendous discrimination due to her disability from childhood. However, thanks to support from the UK aid funded Para-Legal Committee (PLC), Radha was given help to overcome her limitations. She now helps to rescue distressed women in her community in Kaski district, which notably has a high level of violence against women reported in the country. Recently she was instrumental in rescuing 12 young Nepali girls from being trafficked to Indian brothels.''

The Department for International development / published March 22nd 2013

Probably the best film ever on climate change

After watching this film I went through a wringer of various emotions, depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, a feeling of hopelessness and so on, but by the end I felt relief tinged with a slight doubt in mind. The music was haunting and powerful too..... a must see for everyone..... produced by PPR group which includes the likes of Gucci.

The True Cost

This is just a website link for the organisation behind the film, it is not free on youtube, however it was on Netflix for a while, so I had the chance to watch it back in the summer, it outs fashion big time......its time i feel that films like these were constantly aired on tv, like the useless ads we have to put up with, at least this would be sending home an important message to all consumers.....