29. Apr, 2017

Alternatives to upcycling








Kilo Sales; 

''Consumers are becoming more thriftier when it comes to shopping for their clothes. 'Charity shop chic', 'vintage' and 'shwopping' are common words in the ethically conscious shopper's lexi-con.
But one form of clothes shopping you may be unfamiliar with is kilo sales. Popular with market traders and owners of vintage boutiques, kilo sales work by you selecting garments you want and paying for the lot by weight rather than individually.
There are textile recycling plants in most cities and large towns that offer this service to traders and sometimes members of the public, and vintage fairs around the country are starting to roll out their own versions in town halls and event spaces.''
(How To Survive a Vintage Kilo Sale Posted by SJP Oxfam Fashion blogger 12th Nov 2013)

 Here in Southampton as well as an abundance of charity shops, regular Vintage events occur, including kilo sales, these have become increasingly more popular in the last year.

Clothes swapping events are a very new concept and seem to have only started to pop up in the last 6 months.
Interestingly enough the idea is that you bring in good quality clean clothes that you don’t want or don’t even wear and swap them for things you do want, it is a revolutionary idea, the fact that this a circular solution to landfills is fantastic. People can keep swapping whenever they get tired of items of clothing or want something different, rather than go out and buy new and it is always about how you care for your garments that counts to the lifespan of it.
The main problem is getting people to like the idea and making it fun, cool and trendy.

( My own photo of items i got from a clothes swap event at Solent University run by 'Sust City')