18. Jul, 2017

And so it begins......

Graduation day July 10th and a very happy bunny for recieving an upper 2.1 grade form my overall degree, a reward for 3 years hard work well received and heavily celebrated.

But what now ?

I have been rigidly searching and applying for positions in ethical and sustainable fashion, ethical sourcing assistants, sustainability writer, quality control, CSR and yet with no working experience in this field of fashion i am having a hard time breaking through.

Ideally a sustainable and ethical sourcing consultants job would suit me, I have a great passion for the subject and a desire to help change the fashion industry for the better. I want to help shape it into a responsible business and educate the consumers on how to change their buying habits and why they need to change how they think about fashion.

I recently went to SPV at Olympia and was very excited to find that Ethical Fashion Forum had a talk on, it was interesting and I felt priveleged to meet Tamsin Le Jeune and get her advice. She advised me to sign up to their new common objective site, (www.commonobjective.co) which is still in the making but aims to bring companies and experts together to help each other improve the fashion industry. The idea will be that there will be ethical and sustainable experts , some specialised. Retailers, manufacturers, designers and the like can match and connect with someone who can help them with their specific needs and resources to create a more ethical business.

My passion lies in all areas of the ethics in Fashion, so choosing a specific area to specialise in could be difficult,  however at the moment I do have a good knowledge of Landfills, upcycling and zero waste from my recent indepth research of it all for my FMP.

From this area I have also developed an interest in the denim sector, so keep your eyes on this blog for more on that topic.

My Product Development assignment in year 2 not only recieved an A but also my tutor likes to show it off to other students. I covered an ethical knitwear collection and researched into wool extensively, interviewing the marketing manager at the British wool Marketing Board.... Wool however is a tricky one to consider, especially when it comes to animal rights.

So upwards and onwards in the fight to join an ethical journey into the known and unknown....