27. Aug, 2017

Educating the future generations

Through ongoing observations of people, hearing their general conversations, watching their habits and behaviour, it has become clear that not enough information is being channelled to educate and influence a whole younger generation. And the tragedy is, it is their future that is at stake……

I began to realise that the older generation in particular the over 50’s do tend to live an ethical and sustainable life, whether consciously or not, without giving it a second thought, for them it is a normal habit…. Generations who went through wars on rations, repairing a pair of socks rather than throwing them away is normal to them, saving leftover food like Sunday roasts to make bubble and squeak or cold meat sandwiches, normal and passing down clothes to younger siblings, a natural process….Recycling comes naturally to them and clothing in particular. The older generation haven’t as a whole bought into the fast fashion fad and are less inclined to cast off clothing so easily. More thought has gone into their clothing purchases, especially in the act of only buying on a need to basis, loving the clothes they own, taking good care of them, repairing and reusing their old and worn clothing.

So how are we failing to get through to a whole generation who have become a fast food, fast fashion, throwaway society?

I have noticed countless disregard for considerate recycling and conscious purchasing, for example I met a girl who perpetually buys plastic phone covers even though she only owns one phone and subsequently she has a large container full of them. But worse, to my horror she had cast some of these wasteful plastic covers into the bin along with general waste, without thought as to what would happen to them. I of course felt obliged to rescue them and recycle them appropriately.

There is a great company out there producing biodegradable, eco-friendly cases, Pela…….Great to see that this is being tackled.



Visiting some cheap brand stores, where I confess I do make purchases of toilet roll, shampoo and other essentials, is the sight of shelves stacked full of cheap plastic gimmicky stuff, useless, Do We Really Need them items, it makes me feel sick to my stomach and think about how long it is before these poor quality goods break and are discarded, sometimes out of boredom or after a fad is no longer a fad.

All of these products are made in South East Asia by poorly paid workers whose working and living conditions are appalling, a lot of them will be children too, who the work has been outsourced to.

It saddens me to think that very soon these shelves will be filled with even more tat for Christmas, another commercial brain washing that has already made an appearance in card shops and it is only August.

So I will repeat and go back to what I have said before and still maintain, Education, Education, Education….it is the Key!

Something needs to be done drastically, it isn’t just about plastic straws, and there are so many more plastic products we need to consider. We need to change the way the younger generation thinks and behaves, their habits and ideals. Social media is the best way to influence and infiltrate the young minds, to target this generation of consumers, a generation of techies who as a whole have grown up with smart phones, tablets and computers, and by the time a majority of them are the age of four.

Brands and Companies rely on the consumer to guide them, we need to persuade the retailers to stop producing this plastic rubbish they sell, find alternatives like Pela…… introduce a new trend, a fad for being ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly and plastic free, take a leaf out of our older generations book and learn good habits.

I was asked once, ‘what do you call someone who saves even the smallest scrap of food for use later?’ And I replied ‘My Mother’, they laughed and said ‘no seriously what would you refer to them as?’ and I replied ‘I am serious, My Mother’ ……


(Photo - https://katianovetsaintlot.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/children-using-different-gadgets.jpg)