5. Oct, 2017

Gratitude, Compassion, Awareness


So many of us neglect the fact, that each day is a blessing, that many factors in our lives make this possible. Do we even acknowledge the simplest of things that are essential to our lives existence?

Like air for example, we need air to breathe to stay alive. So then do we even notice or care why air exists, how?

Is it possible that when we are cutting trees down and clearing masses of natural environments for whatever reasons, be it building a new housing estate, planting palm oil, creating an area for cattle grazing, do we even stop to think ‘ hey we need those trees, if they go what happens to us? ‘

So then we think about animals, for example Bees, do we even realise our existence would cease without these little fellows?

 What about the resources that we use produced from animals? Are we even aware how unnecessary most of it is? How badly and cruelly treated most of these fellow earthlings are? That even due to our very careless behaviour some are declining in numbers and dangerously close to extinction?

Plastic, chemical pollution, depletion of fish, Do we even know that our oceans and rivers are under threat from all of these issues?

Are we grateful for hot and cold, clean running water where many people in third world countries have no such luxury, and yes it is a luxury, especially the way we are going. Industry uses so much water unnecessarily, for example as I’ve mentioned before the production of just one cotton T-shirt uses up 2.700 litres of water and that is just from the cotton growing to production and final product, once owned by you it will use more water when washed……that’s enough drinking water for around a 1000 people…….


We are relatively lucky to live in a country where freedom of speech is a norm and we have workers’ rights, access to health care and modern medicine, a minimum wage and social help for those not in work, education for everyone, sanitation and electricity, Peace ……. Do we take this all for granted? Do we consider for one minute how minorities in poorer countries are coping without all these luxuries?


So I say to you all ‘bring in a little more  awareness of the simple things in life and the luxuries that we take for granted…Wake up every day with a mission to be thankful for all you have and be mindful of the things you do and take for granted…. Buy ethical, be sustainable, ask who made your clothes, use less plastic, recycle, upcycle, show compassion……….read more and become aware of the issues that are affecting our world today, smile, be friendly, be kind and maybe just maybe the world will be grateful to you ……

 (photo - http://www.shawacademy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/helpful-for-photographing-babies-1000x605.jpg)